Available Products


Catherine has a range of products that can be purchased from the clinic. The products are natural, high quality and Australian based:


Moogoo: An entire range of natural and gentle skin products that are made with natural ingredients. The products are full of healthy ingredients for babies, children and adults. Many products tell you what they “don’t” use and not what they do. Moogoo shows all their ingredients on the website www.moogoo.com.au. Check it out, the products are fantastic and very gentle on the skin, ideal for the whole family.


Herbal Tea blends by World Par Tea: Australian owned and operated with a range of high quality, chemical free and organic loose leaf teas. They have a large variety of teas which you can find on their website www.worldpartea.com.au. Catherine currently has the following range however if there’s another blend you’re interested in, let Catherine know:


Genmaicha (Japanese Green Tea)

This Japanese favourite is made from a blend of bancha green tea and roasted and popped rice. A great 'savoury' tea to assist with digestion. Also known as 'Bubble Tea' or 'Brown Rice' Tea.


Organic Cold & Allergies

The active properties of peppermint is menthol, a common ingredient in most cough syrups, this & the addition of fenugreek & lemon peel, create a soothing blend for the upper respiratory system. Helpful to help ease a cold or allergies.


Organic Winter Defence (Boosts Immunity)

Studies show that Echinacea and vitamin C can protect against and limit the severity of a cold. Organic Winter Defence is made from Echinacea and three known sources of Vitamin C - rose hip, goji berries and cranberries.


Organic Herbal Elixar (Boosts Energy)

Herbal Elixir is an exquisite and complex blend of organic peppermint, lemon grass, ginger, liquorice root and whole calendula flowers. This liquid energy brew revitalises and refreshes those who prefer a caffeine free natural beverage. We have used herbs thought to help the immune system and refresh the mind and body.


Organic Relax Max

This exotic blend of Organic herbs is the ultimate recipe for complete relaxation and unwinding. Calming the mind, body & soul.Take a good teaspoon and steep in your favourite tea pot, infuse for 4 to 5 mins and sip to your hearts content. A combination of Organic Hibiscus flower, Hibiscus/Rosella flower, Lavender, Chamomile, Peppermint, Lemon grass, Passion Flower, Red Rose petals and Calendula petals.


Expecting mums organic blend

This tonic contains the following to help prepare for childbirth:

Raspberry leaf - known to tone the uterus, it can ease morning sickness and assist childbirth;

Nettle - known as a digestive aid and hair replenisher, it may also ease leg cramps & backache;

Red Rose buds - a Vitamin C rich relaxant;

Rosehips - known as rich source of Vitamin C, may help you to keep the sniffles at bay

Ginger root - a superb remedy for nausea used for centuries in Chinese medicine. It may help constipation during pregnancy;

Peppermint - a popular herbal drink known to relieve bad breath, nause & tummy upset.


Taken from the 32nd week.

Please seek medical advice if you have concerns about taking a raspberry leaf infusion or are unsure whether any of the herbs will react with your physical condition or medication.


Organic Mother’s Milk

This wonderful blend of Organic herbs is ideal for 'MUMS & BUBS'. It has been used for lactation support and promoting healthy milk flow. Organic ingredients; Nettle leaf, Caraway seeds, Fennel seeds & Aniseed.